Customized Services

Legal Services

 Document Review

Analyze documents for key information, key documents and possible areas to explore.  Client receives categorical listing of key documents with report of possible areas of interest.


Summarize discovery responses, deposition transcripts and other documents. Client will receive a full summary and report of pertinent information.


Detailed chronologies or timelines of medical records, insurance information and other documents.  Client will receive chronology or timeline with report of pertinent information.

 eDiscovery Management

Will management your documents on ediscovery software you own, including Summation, Relativity and Concordance.  Will work with your office to determine precise tags needed and to identify documents important to case.

Non-profit Services

 Grant Application Compliance

Study grant application documents and ensure that grant documents meet all requirements.  Client will receive a report regarding compliance to application requirements.

 Grant Application Editing

Analyze grant application for coherence and proof and edit for English grammar and flow.  Client will receive the application with editing marks and notations.

 Contract Analysis

Analyze grant contracts from USAID, foundations or private grantors and ensure all requirements are noted.  Client will get a spreadsheet of grant requirements.

 Grant Compliance

Analyze grant implementation to ensure compliance with grantor's contract, including all elements and timeline.  Client will receive a report on compliance with issues highlighted.